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The Morality or Non-Morality of Bio Fuels

One would expect the movement to find alternative fuels to be a welcomed cause. But as imminent as change is, the scramble to research and develop bio fuels has been fraught with controversy. So I decided to find out what could possibly make this topic so contentious and why so many powerful organizations are against […]

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Product Highlight – Heating with Java Fireplace Logs

For many years now, Brazil has been using blocks of discarded coffee beans as fuel in locomotives and as heating in factories. Apparently the country had such a surplus of coffee beans in the 1930s that they were throwing away bags of the beans into the sea until someone came up with the idea of […]

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Mesquite to Power Farm Equipment

Mesquite, a deciduous tree from Mexico and the US can be converted into ethanol, a grain based alcohol used in bio fuels. Today most cars and equipment using regular gasoline can actually run just as efficiently on a mix of gas and ethanol. In fact, the mix probably runs as high as ten percent ethanol […]

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