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Scientists from Rice University engineer E. coli that may help in production of biofuel

Researchers from Rice University develops a process as part of a $6.6-million project supported by the USDA that aims to produce renewable biodiesel, animal, feed, biopower, and bio-lubricants from lignocellulosic biomass. The bioengineers from the university made use of a special E. coli to produce fatty acids from some hyrdrolysates. The team is already able […]

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Cobalt-based material to replace platinum in hydrogen production?

A recent study reveals the work of scientists in developing a cobalt-based material that has a good potential of replacing platinum in the production of hydrogen via electrolysis. One of the new material has a neutral pH and can be used in aqueous solutions. The other catalytic material is considered commutable that does not contain […]

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Renewable fuels: Lanza Tech develops CO2 fermentation system

Lanza Tech earlier announced its collaboration with Petronas of Malaysia to extend the company’s CO fermentation process to also include gases including Co2 such as natural gases and refinery off-gases. This will lead to their production of acetic acid, a chemical that is essential for applications in the markets of plastics and polymers. During a […]

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Hyundai promises 1,000 units of production version hydrogen cars

Korean carmaker Hyundai promises to deliver around 1,000 units of hydrogen fuel cell cars before the end of 2012 to keep their promise of rolling out the production versions by next year. A number of major car brands, like Honda, General Motors, and Toyota, promises a limited number of production version of fuel cell vehicles […]

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Air Resources Board of California announces $1 million grant for demo of hybrid set up for school buses

The Air Resources Board of California is looking for applications for a grant that will award $1 million for the demonstration of hybrid technologies for school buses. The board requires an applicant match of at least 50% of the projected cost of implementation. Ten percent of the match should be available in cash. The solicitation […]

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Which Vans are least polluting?

A lot of people who are in the market for a van may wonder which van is the least polluting? This is not an easy question to answer because vans are by and large the worst polluters on the road. A lot of effort has gone into creating fuel efficient vehicles in recent years but […]

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Silicon Nanotubules ups 10x Lithium Ion battery capacity, Graphene may help produce cheaper battery packs for EVs

Scientists from the Stanford University and Hanyang University in South Korea discovered that using silicon nanotubules in place of the graphite electrodes used by current lithium ion batteries can help increase their capacity as much as ten times. The researchers are collaborating with LG Chem in developing a silicon anode that can absorb more lithium […]

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ZENN Motors asks for government grant to build Electric Car Facility in the United States

Canadian firm ZENN motors seeks grant from the DOE to construct a facility that will paved the way for the production of electric cars powered by EEStor’s barium-based batteries. ZENN has a 10% stake with EEStor, Inc. The batteries have yet to be demonstrated to the public but EEStor promises that it will present the […]

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Ford, Tesla, Nissan receive $8 Billion loan from DOE for Production of Fuel Efficient Cars

After eight months of careful evaluation, the U.S. Department of Energy announced the first recipients of the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Incentive Program which was enacted last year. Nissan, Ford, and Tesla will be getting an $8 billion loan to develop technologies and vehicles which will be fuel efficient and eco-friendly. Ford will get a […]

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Combo of Gasoline PFI and Ford E85 Direct Injection Boost System More Cost Effective than Modern Diesel

A study conducted by Ford reveals that the use of their E85 boosting system for direct injection in combination with a gasoline PFI or port fuel injection is more efficient in its use of fuel and can be more cost effective than using a modern diesel. The idea dates back to 2005 from MIT experts […]

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