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Energy Generating Shock Absorbers Developed by MIT

A team of talented MIT undergraduates came up with a hydraulic power-generating shock absorber that can reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption by about 10%. Vehicle owners might one day thanks road imperfections with this new device. The invention was spearheaded by MIT senior Shakeel Avadhany. Aside from the power regeneration features, these shock absorbers are […]

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Obama Clears $2.4 Billion Fund for Electric Vehicles

Last March 19, 2009, President Obama declared the $2.4 billion fund to aid the engineering and construction of electric vehicles and the technologies that will be needed to charge them up. The fund was derived from the ARRA or the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The ARRA 2009 is presented into three parts. […]

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Detroit Diesel Prepares its Bluetec Technology for 2010: Reported 5% increase in Fuel Efficiency

Daimler-based Detroit Diesel gave a preview of their Blutech technology at the TMC (Technology and Maintenance Council) Conference recently. This technology was pegged to control the emission levels of trucks and cars in 2010. The engineering project is especially bent on meeting the demands of North America’s trucking industry. Three engines are set to be […]

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Better Place Forms Ties with Ontario for Electric Car 2.0

Better Place, the global leader in mobility operations, is collaborating with the Ontario government to introduce electric cars to the province to build a foundation for the use of EVs in the whole of Canada. The province of Ontario is one of the biggest car producing region in North America. The vehicle manufacturing sector wants […]

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EU Parliament Passes Tougher New Car Carbon Dioxide Law

Cleaner air to breathe. This is the primary goal of the EU legislators as they pass onto a law a proposal to lower new car CO2 emissions to 130 g/km by 2015. The new requirement translates to a fuel mileage of 52 mpg for petrol cars and 58 mpg for diesel powered vehicles. The program […]

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Mercedes Reveals 3 Variants of BlueZERO Electric Cars

Aside from producing luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz also manufactures trucks, buses, and high technology automobiles. The company is also running a very aggressive program to develop automobiles that utilizes hydrogen fuel cells. One of the most talk about line of concept cars from Mercedes is BlueZERO. The manufacturer presents 3 variants of this electric driven car. […]

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Ford and Alternative Fuels

Those who love their Ford cars and love to keep the environment clean will be pleased to know that the Ford Motor Company, the organization that manufactures Ford cars are making lots of efforts in promoting ethanol as alternative fuels for their cars. Though many other car manufacturers are also competing in bringing back ethanol […]

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Diapers Converted into Fuel to Power Vehicles

Diapers are one of the worst offenders when looking at landfill problems as millions of diapers are thrown away daily. Modern day eco conscious parents are reverting back to cloth diapers but so few people see cloth diapers as feasible alternatives that the ones who do use the reusable nappies are not making a positive […]

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Moving Away from Food Source Ethanol – The Second Generation in Norway

Initially when countries began mandating specific ratios of gasoline to ethanol in car fuels, corn was and still is a predominant raw material of the ensuing ethanol. Although environmentalists eagerly welcomed the shift from fossil fuel to a cleaner burning, more sustainable ethanol-gasoline mix, the growing controversy over food source materials became a moral issue. […]

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The Morality or Non-Morality of Bio Fuels

One would expect the movement to find alternative fuels to be a welcomed cause. But as imminent as change is, the scramble to research and develop bio fuels has been fraught with controversy. So I decided to find out what could possibly make this topic so contentious and why so many powerful organizations are against […]

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