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US DOE to award up to $7m to independent cost studies for fuel cell and hydrogen storage system’s R&D

In the span of five years, a total of $7 million will be awarded by the US Department of Energy for autonomous cost studies that will support fuel cells and hydrogen storage system’ research and development. These fuel cells and hydrogen storage systems will be used mainly for transportation purposes. The autonomous projects will focus […]

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Cars2go Electric Car Sharing Program Launched in San Diego

Cars2go is a car company that offers a personal twist to public transportation. If you hate commuting back and forth to work every day but can’t afford a brand new car, Cars2go is your solution. The idea was first introduced in 2009 in Austin, Texas. The initial idea of Car2go is about car sharing but […]

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INEOS Bio gets $10.8 million funding for Waste-to-Ethanol UK Plant

INEOS Bio, considered as the 3rd biggest chemicals firm in the word, will be getting a grant of around $10.8 million to form part of the $76.7 million cost of construction of a commercial plant in Europe that will make use of their BioEnergy Process Technology that will convert waste to ethanol. The funding comes […]

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