ZENN Motors asks for government grant to build Electric Car Facility in the United States

Canadian firm ZENN motors seeks grant from the DOE to construct a facility that will paved the way for the production of electric cars powered by EEStor’s barium-based batteries. ZENN has a 10% stake with EEStor, Inc.

The batteries have yet to be demonstrated to the public but EEStor promises that it will present the laboratory certification and produce a unit so the public can see this month. The information about the research has been tightly sealed with insiders for almost a decade now.

The barium-based Zenn Motors AmericaEESUs are said to have better power density and energy than the lithium ion batteries we know today. They are also cheaper to make and has lifetime functionality as claimed.

On the other side of the story, the proposal of ZENN Motors was coursed to the U.S. DOE through Zenn America, a subsidiary of the Canadian company. A multi-million dollar funding is being sought for to support research efforts and construction of a development facility for small electric cars.

Law makers are set to meet with representatives from Zenn and see the feasibility of the request submitted to DOE. They seem to be interested with the details of the technology being developed and how it will impact the industry, and how it will help Americans who are in need of employment.

The department may reach a decision by the end of September following the release of lab certification for the EESU technology.

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