Air Resources Board of California announces $1 million grant for demo of hybrid set up for school buses

Hybrid Schoolbus

The Air Resources Board of California is looking for applications for a grant that will award $1 million for the demonstration of hybrid technologies for school buses. The board requires an applicant match of at least 50% of the projected cost of implementation. Ten percent of the match should be available in cash.

The solicitation seeks demonstration and administration of advanced hybrid systems that can be applied to school buses. The ARB believes that the exposure of the school districts to the new technology will help them decide which direction to take for their school buses in the future.

School buses that will be part of the demonstration should be equipped with an advanced hybrid powertrain. The hybrid setup was defined to have a dual source of power to propel the school bus.

The main source of the propulsion can be the battery pack, engine, or other sources which will have the bus move . The secondary source of power can be a battery or any other power storage device which will not depend on the primary energy source directly. The secondary power sourced from the power grid, regenerative braking, or other sources must supply stored energy which will contribute to the propulsion of the school bus.

The school buses which will be funded by the grant for purposes of demonstration should provide transportation for school children in California and should pass safety inspections according to the regulations of the state.

The application for the grant is due n December 14, 2011. This is open to public agencies based in California such as local government entities, state agencies, or other state or local public agency with capabilities of implementing a demo program and with a good background on operation of school buses.

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