Hyundai promises 1,000 units of production version hydrogen cars

Korean carmaker Hyundai promises to deliver around 1,000 units of hydrogen fuel cell cars before the end of 2012 to keep their promise of rolling out the production versions by next year.

A number of major car brands, like Honda, General Motors, and Toyota, promises a limited number of production version of fuel cell vehicles by 2015. Hyundai wants to get ahead of the race and announced last year that they will have production hydrogen cars by 2013.

The first batch of HFCV or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will debut later on this year and be officially rolled out by next year. These vehicles will not be driven on the roads of Korea or of North America but will hit the asphalts of Europe where hydrogen powered vehicles has a wider acceptance.

Hyundai taps the Tucson ix which is derived from the crossover of the same name. The tag price of the fuel cell vehicle is expected to be $88,550 before deducting any government incentives. The car manufacturer aims to sell their vehicles below the $50K line by 2015 which makes them well ahead of the competitions who also announced possible release of their fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai foresees selling around 10,000 units of this green car annually by 2015.

Hyundai was recently praised and tapped by the government of Denmark for their FCEV initiative. The country acquired 10 Hyundai Tucson ix units to do a road test. Countries like Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands among other countries in Europe are trying to form a “hydrogen highway” complete with the necessary infrastructure. Car brands like Hyunda, Honda, BMW, Toyota, and Mazda are working with the said governments to do a test run of this green highway.

The hydrogen revolution in Europe goes well beyond cars and will include heavy vehicles as well as public utility buses.

Not everyone is a fan of hydrogen cars but you the naysayers should wonder why almost every brand of vehicle in the world is pouring in big funds and talents to produce hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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