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Scientists from Rice University engineer E. coli that may help in production of biofuel

Researchers from Rice University develops a process as part of a $6.6-million project supported by the USDA that aims to produce renewable biodiesel, animal, feed, biopower, and bio-lubricants from lignocellulosic biomass. The bioengineers from the university made use of a special E. coli to produce fatty acids from some hyrdrolysates. The team is already able […]

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Diapers Converted into Fuel to Power Vehicles

Diapers are one of the worst offenders when looking at landfill problems as millions of diapers are thrown away daily. Modern day eco conscious parents are reverting back to cloth diapers but so few people see cloth diapers as feasible alternatives that the ones who do use the reusable nappies are not making a positive […]

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