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Combo of Gasoline PFI and Ford E85 Direct Injection Boost System More Cost Effective than Modern Diesel

A study conducted by Ford reveals that the use of their E85 boosting system for direct injection in combination with a gasoline PFI or port fuel injection is more efficient in its use of fuel and can be more cost effective than using a modern diesel. The idea dates back to 2005 from MIT experts […]

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Detroit Diesel Prepares its Bluetec Technology for 2010: Reported 5% increase in Fuel Efficiency

Daimler-based Detroit Diesel gave a preview of their Blutech technology at the TMC (Technology and Maintenance Council) Conference recently. This technology was pegged to control the emission levels of trucks and cars in 2010. The engineering project is especially bent on meeting the demands of North America‚Äôs trucking industry. Three engines are set to be […]

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