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Cars2go Electric Car Sharing Program Launched in San Diego

Cars2go is a car company that offers a personal twist to public transportation. If you hate commuting back and forth to work every day but can’t afford a brand new car, Cars2go is your solution. The idea was first introduced in 2009 in Austin, Texas. The initial idea of Car2go is about car sharing but […]

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Silicon Nanotubules ups 10x Lithium Ion battery capacity, Graphene may help produce cheaper battery packs for EVs

Scientists from the Stanford University and Hanyang University in South Korea discovered that using silicon nanotubules in place of the graphite electrodes used by current lithium ion batteries can help increase their capacity as much as ten times. The researchers are collaborating with LG Chem in developing a silicon anode that can absorb more lithium […]

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ZENN Motors asks for government grant to build Electric Car Facility in the United States

Canadian firm ZENN motors seeks grant from the DOE to construct a facility that will paved the way for the production of electric cars powered by EEStor’s barium-based batteries. ZENN has a 10% stake with EEStor, Inc. The batteries have yet to be demonstrated to the public but EEStor promises that it will present the […]

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Obama Clears $2.4 Billion Fund for Electric Vehicles

Last March 19, 2009, President Obama declared the $2.4 billion fund to aid the engineering and construction of electric vehicles and the technologies that will be needed to charge them up. The fund was derived from the ARRA or the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The ARRA 2009 is presented into three parts. […]

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Better Place Forms Ties with Ontario for Electric Car 2.0

Better Place, the global leader in mobility operations, is collaborating with the Ontario government to introduce electric cars to the province to build a foundation for the use of EVs in the whole of Canada. The province of Ontario is one of the biggest car producing region in North America. The vehicle manufacturing sector wants […]

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