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INEOS Bio gets $10.8 million funding for Waste-to-Ethanol UK Plant

INEOS Bio, considered as the 3rd biggest chemicals firm in the word, will be getting a grant of around $10.8 million to form part of the $76.7 million cost of construction of a commercial plant in Europe that will make use of their BioEnergy Process Technology that will convert waste to ethanol. The funding comes […]

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Combo of Gasoline PFI and Ford E85 Direct Injection Boost System More Cost Effective than Modern Diesel

A study conducted by Ford reveals that the use of their E85 boosting system for direct injection in combination with a gasoline PFI or port fuel injection is more efficient in its use of fuel and can be more cost effective than using a modern diesel. The idea dates back to 2005 from MIT experts […]

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Ford and Alternative Fuels

Those who love their Ford cars and love to keep the environment clean will be pleased to know that the Ford Motor Company, the organization that manufactures Ford cars are making lots of efforts in promoting ethanol as alternative fuels for their cars. Though many other car manufacturers are also competing in bringing back ethanol […]

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Moving Away from Food Source Ethanol – The Second Generation in Norway

Initially when countries began mandating specific ratios of gasoline to ethanol in car fuels, corn was and still is a predominant raw material of the ensuing ethanol. Although environmentalists eagerly welcomed the shift from fossil fuel to a cleaner burning, more sustainable ethanol-gasoline mix, the growing controversy over food source materials became a moral issue. […]

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