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Hyundai promises 1,000 units of production version hydrogen cars

Korean carmaker Hyundai promises to deliver around 1,000 units of hydrogen fuel cell cars before the end of 2012 to keep their promise of rolling out the production versions by next year. A number of major car brands, like Honda, General Motors, and Toyota, promises a limited number of production version of fuel cell vehicles […]

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US DOE to award up to $7m to independent cost studies for fuel cell and hydrogen storage system’s R&D

In the span of five years, a total of $7 million will be awarded by the US Department of Energy for autonomous cost studies that will support fuel cells and hydrogen storage system’ research and development. These fuel cells and hydrogen storage systems will be used mainly for transportation purposes. The autonomous projects will focus […]

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Mercedes Reveals 3 Variants of BlueZERO Electric Cars

Aside from producing luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz also manufactures trucks, buses, and high technology automobiles. The company is also running a very aggressive program to develop automobiles that utilizes hydrogen fuel cells. One of the most talk about line of concept cars from Mercedes is BlueZERO. The manufacturer presents 3 variants of this electric driven car. […]

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