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Silicon Nanotubules ups 10x Lithium Ion battery capacity, Graphene may help produce cheaper battery packs for EVs

Scientists from the Stanford University and Hanyang University in South Korea discovered that using silicon nanotubules in place of the graphite electrodes used by current lithium ion batteries can help increase their capacity as much as ten times. The researchers are collaborating with LG Chem in developing a silicon anode that can absorb more lithium […]

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Combo of Gasoline PFI and Ford E85 Direct Injection Boost System More Cost Effective than Modern Diesel

A study conducted by Ford reveals that the use of their E85 boosting system for direct injection in combination with a gasoline PFI or port fuel injection is more efficient in its use of fuel and can be more cost effective than using a modern diesel. The idea dates back to 2005 from MIT experts […]

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Energy Generating Shock Absorbers Developed by MIT

A team of talented MIT undergraduates came up with a hydraulic power-generating shock absorber that can reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption by about 10%. Vehicle owners might one day thanks road imperfections with this new device. The invention was spearheaded by MIT senior Shakeel Avadhany. Aside from the power regeneration features, these shock absorbers are […]

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